How to get Amex Black Card (in 1 week)

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  1. Offshore Banking– The magic world offering unique opportunities outside your country of residence
  2. Swiss Bank Account– Don’t go alone meeting your Swiss bank
  3. Offshore Account in Switzerland– the best asset protection money can buy.

I am not selling the AMEX Black Card directly. I am an expert in Offshore Banking. I advise foreign investors in global Asset Protection. That means I help investors finding the best bank, mostly in Switzerland, for private wealth management in combination with a Best-in-Class Asset Manager.

The answer to “How to get Amex Black Card in 1 week” – is just a welcome side effect.

The best bank for a specific client must be tailor-made to the needs and expectations of the investor. As a coincidence, I discovered that very few Swiss banks are offering the Amex Black Card directly without an invitation.

I solved the key-question “How to get Amex Black Card immediately”

All you have to do is opening a Swiss bank account with a Swiss bank and invest at least 1 million USD for private wealth management. If you do that, there is no need for an invitation. The Swiss bank will take your portfolio as collateral based on a pledge agreement. That’s the truth.

The Swiss bank will issue a bank guarantee to American Express London or Swisscard AECS GmbH. If the client will spend too much money the bank will issue a margin call to the client. If the client will not provide more assets on his Swiss bank account the Swiss bank will sell his investments of shares, funds, gold and bonds. The bank account is pledged in favour of the Swiss bank.

  1. Offshore Banking – the magic world offering unique opportunities outside your country of residence

This smart way to become an Amex Black Card does not work in the USA. American Express in the USA is offering the Centurion Black Card as a super-exclusive opportunity. That’s part of the marketing strategy. If you go offshore with Offshore Banking you can obtain the same card at a lower price and much faster.

Let me explain. In the USA, the Black Card will be issued by invitation only marketing strategy. Swisscard AECS GmbH, a Swiss company based in the Canton Zurich, and American Express in London are issuing the Centurion Card immediately after the opening of a Swiss Bank account with a minimal amount of 1 million USD on it for wealth management. These opportunities can be found in offshore banking.

You may ask yourself where is the offshore banking business generating profit? How do you earn your money? I help people from all over the world to choose the best Swiss bank for asset protection, global asset diversification with offshore banking and for obtaining the Amex Black Card issued immediately after the Swiss bank account opening.

  1. Swiss Bank Account? Don’t go alone meeting your Swiss bank

In Switzerland, there are 293 banks. Only 115 Swiss banks are offering wealth management services after the opening of a Swiss bank account. Most of the 115 Swiss banks are not accepting non-resident clients.Only very few Swiss banks have the SEC license allowing to take US persons as clients. As you can see, it is not so easy to find an appropriate Swiss bank for account opening.

That’s the reason you need my advisory services.

I work with external asset managers for obtaining better results in the benefit of my clients. They have better pricing with the Swiss banks. My asset managers of trust are forwarding the advantages of the institutional pricing agreed with the bank to their clients I am introducing to the external asset manager. I share the fees with the asset manager.

I exclusively suggest the banks which are accepting US clients in combination with my Best-in-Class asset manager and can provide the Centurion Black Card. I am not organizing the Black Card for the client because the bank will do that – not me.

I have no agreements for Amex Black Card. The Swiss bank is doing that if the client will sign the pledge agreement as collateral for the expenses incurred with the AMEX Black Card. I share the fees with the asset manager and that’s the unique and sole agreement I have for the Amex Black Card Service. That’s my business model.

I am not misleading anybody because there is no agreement with American Express. I am very transparent. I am helping indirectlyAmerican Express in London and Switzerland with finding wealthy clients with the placement of the Centurion card but I am not remunerated by American Express. I like American Express and indirectly, I am collecting clients for American Express.

  1. Offshore Account in Switzerland – the best asset protection money can buy

I am not cooperating with American Express on a contractual level. I am simply saying: There is the possibility to have the Amex Black Card immediately without invitation if you open a Swiss Offshore Account in Switzerlandwith one million USD. The assets of the client are pledged in favour of the bank and the bank will issue a bank guarantee to American Express. I am simply introducing clients to external asset managers and Swiss banks with the nice side-effect that they can have a Centurion Card without invitation. The main purpose will be global asset protection in one of the most secure and stable countries in the world.

I am saying positive things only about the Centurion Card. I can’t understand why some visitors are saying that I am misleading the people because I am offering Amex Black Card without having an agreement in writing with American Express. Nevertheless, I make money with asset protection and not with fees paid by American Express.

Indirectly, by helping clients to open an offshore account in Switzerland with the few Swiss banks having the SEC License I am promoting Amex Black Card without receiving any compensation and that’s OK.

I have no agreements with Swisscard GmbH or American Express Ltd. in London. I help foreign clients to find the best Swiss bank protecting the hard earned assets.As the offshore account in Switzerland is opened, the bank will introduce the clients to Swisscard or American Express in London and the client will file the application which is immediately accepted. The collateral is giving sufficient comfort to Amex. American Express in the USA is not involved at all.

Swisscard GmbH is happy to have delegated the Know Your Customer Anti Money Laundering procedures to the Swiss bank (AML procedures). American Express can be sure to have a new client fulfilling all the strict AML requirements imposed by a Swiss bank.

I am simply informing the public that there is a way to obtain the card without invitation if they will open an offshore account in Switzerlandwith the right bank ready for accepting non-resident clients.


If you want to open an Offshore Account in Switzerland for protecting your assets, while they will grow step by step, you should take your mobile phone and call me now on +41 44 212 44 04or write me an email We will make sure that your hard-earned funds will end in good hands with the best Swiss banks and a Best-in-Class asset manager.